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Do your customers own the correct tools to cooperate thematically? Do they really know how to apply documentmanagament? Are they mobile productive? If you like to improve the productivity of your company and are looking for solutions to cooperate more pleasantly, sign up for our free webinar. Easy to follow from your (digital) workspace!

Webinar streamed live from The Next Web

18th of May, 01:30pm


Wednesday June 28 and Friday June 30: The intranet CMS is dead  

Today employees are overwhelmed in an ongoing stream of information from social, email, intranet and other sources. All fighting for their attention. This makes it very hard to prioritise and do the right things at the right moment.  

During this webinar, our chief storyteller Maarten Visser will explain what’s wrong with our current approach and how to solve this with the new SharePoint Online Communication Sites, Microsoft Teams, and our newest product Meetroo Entree.  

Meetroo Entree is a dashboard that provides employees with intuitive and low-threshold access to all relevant business resources and applications.  

We hope to see you at the webinar!

Event host: Maarten Visser

Chief Storyteller, Product manager

"Meetroo provides a successful product, which gives us more satisfied customers"

- Peter de Haas, Breinwave - 

"Those guys know what they’re talking about"

- Roy Zwiep, H&R Automation -

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