Meetroo Projects

Allows employees to work together on projects effortlessly

Meetroo Projects

Allows employees to work together on projects effortlessly

Why clients choose us?

Our clients choose us, because we deliver fast, our products are easy to use and we offer the best value for money. As an experienced player in the market, with more than 15 years SharePoint experience, we provide a collaboration and communication platform that employees enjoy working with. 

Product specific features

General features

Project portal to quickly filter project sites

Automated generation of new project sites

Overviews for task, risk and issue management

Several useful Web Parts for data integration

Comprehensive set of page templates

Project portal for visualizing updates and necessary actions

Extensive SharePoint Project Site template

Standard content types

Fully responsive design, usable on any device

Menu tiles for easy navigation

Dynamic front page to show the latest information

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This is why your customers need it!


66% of the employees indicate they are overwhelmed 

Fast reaction

Companies are expected to react fast

Data surplus

90% of all data worldwide was created in the last two years

The effects..


The board considers more than 67% of meetings as failed

Find information quickly 

Within 10 seconds, a user wants to find the desired information

Waste of time

28 hours per week are spent on writing emails, searching for information and internal consultation 

Waste of money 

10% waste of personnel costs, due to employees who can’t find information

We offer: Meetroo Projects

Meetroo Projects allows employees to work together on projects effortlessly. 

Meetroo Projects is the basic provision for project management; it supports communication and collaboration within projects and is the key place to share information. Using Meetroo Projects intensifies collaboration within a project team. Also, projects are more manageable and move forward faster. Project monitoring has never been more accessible. 

‘Meetroo can realize complex projects fast and easy’ 

Menno Windsma - CLOUDFORYOU