Office 365 Information Governance Checklists

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Do you forget where you communicated about a certain topic? Do colleagues suffer from information overload? Are people creating data leaks due to sharing information with the wrong people? 

Lack of Information Governance is killing productivity and creates many organizational risks. Incorrect usage of IT resources costs in the billions in lost productivity, but the risks of data leaks or loosing Intellectual Property are much bigger.  

5 PM CET | 11 AM EDT | 08 AM PDT  


After this webinar you will better understand the need for Information governance and know where to start. In this webinar Joel Oleson and Maarten Visser share:  

- The biggest risks when using Office 365 without proper training - Hands-on Tips on how to mitigate risks by teaching basic Office 365 skills. - Best practices on how to successfully in running Digital Adoption programs - How to scale Office 365 adoption using Automation.  

We look forward to seeing you in this webinar.  

Webinar: Office 365 Information Governance Checklists

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