Easy access to knowledge, apps and information

Why organisations can't do without proper information management...

Employees get flooded with information

66% of the employees admits to being flooded with information

Organisations need to be more responsive

Companies are expected to respond rapidly

The amount of data within organisations is growing fast

90% of all data worldwide has been created in the last two years

Poor information management will lead to...


Management considers more than 67% of the meetings as failures

Waste of time

28 hours a week are spent on mailing, searching for information and internal cooperation

Waste of money

A loss of 10% in employee costs caused by employees not being able to find information

We offer: Meetroo Entree

A dashboard with a beautiful user interface which offers easy access to information, news and applications.

Benefits for users

Usable without training

Usable as SaaS solution, Hybrid or fully Private 

Easy access to organisation, news and files

Direct communication between end-users and app/data owners  

Security: All information is saved within customer environment

Fully responsive design, usable on every device

Easy to setup

Insight in usage employees

Benefits for CSP's 

Low support costs

More insight in usage applications end-users

Increase customer satisfaction

Auto pre-sales

Office 365, SaaS and Legacy Application through web browsers

'Service & app store' offer upsell opportunities

Unmatched distribution speed  

Easy access to support  

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